I’m on my way out the door, but I’ll be sure to bring my trusty iPad along in case I have a chance to blog in a bit.

I just got a call from Mr. O’Connell. Sounds like Diablo is up to some more antics, I guess everyone is out of town for the weekend. Not like I wouldn’t mind that myself, it’s pretty darn nice out there this weekend. But I digress…

Mr. O’Connell asked if I’d go over to the cable office down in this part of town called Margona. It’s supposed to be a decent part of town, a little busy on the weekends, that’s where all the clubs and bars are. But the cable offices are there too. Apparently some Diablo goons have been seen stalking the offices, and the city is under the impression if Diablo sees me going in, they’ll play their next hand.

Of course I’m not stupid. There’s going to be a couple squads of cops around. We’re just wondering if the gang will do what they’re going to do, once they see someone they’re extremely pissed off at in the office.