What a waste of a day. Actually I got a lot done, but it’s one of those days I don’t feel like I accomplished anything. That’s the life of a superhero though, you’re actually living two lives at the same time — the superhero and the alter ego. Today was more of an alter-ego day, but not exclusively so.

Just in case you’re wondering who Superblog is in real life, I’ve given a couple hints on here before. Yes, I just moved to Capitol City recently, about two weeks ago. No, I don’t have a job yet. I have a very nice apartment in this fun part of town with lots of bars and theaters and museums and the baseball stadium isn’t too far from here even for the Capitol City Senators. I don’t have any pets, the friends in Capitol City are slim to none currently — actually other than people I’ve met as Superblog, I really just know the mailman and said hi to some guy that lives down the hall from me when I was moving in.

(Actually I was pretty lucky when I was moving in and the guy saw me. I was carrying 14 boxes of books all at once; I don’t want to waste time when moving, it’s so boring. I heard someone close their door right as I got to the top of the stairs — no elevator, I’m on the 3rd floor — and managed to find somewhere quick to stash a dozen of the boxes on the floor so he just thought I was stacking them up or something I think.)

Anyway, the social life is quiet, the career is non-existant at the moment, and I really don’t care all too much. I didn’t move to Capitol City from home to work at some flashy magazine or do political work. I came because I heard there’s a lot of super-evil here to fight, and not all that many superheroes to do the job. Figured if I could help out, I might as well.

OK, I’m getting off on a soap box here. The essentials to my life are: no job, nice apartment, no friends. So no, if you see someone walking down the street and you think they’re me, you’re probably wrong. I don’t get out much without the costume on.

So that’s that… Superhero-wise things were little more than the same as sending out a few resumes. That damn video of “”me”” getting beat up by the Diablos played for about 12 hours before the cable people could get into their main offices and shut it down. By then, the local news networks got a copy of it and featured it on the news. I heard even the networks for one or two has a copy of the feed and might play it this week. I’m in town for less than a month and already making national news? Too bad I don’t have any really great superpowers like freeze-rays or toxic breath.

I made a call to the reporter last night that lemailed me. Of course she’s not picking up her phone, I just left a message for her. I’ll have to ask Mr. O’Connor about her, she either got my email address from the blog or from him. And since he’s lived in town for a lot longer than me, he’d at least be able to get some information about her.

Of course, you’re wondering if I beat anyone up today. Nah, I did put on the costume (I actually have three so I can rotate them in the wash, bought them at K-Mart back home, it’s just a t-shirt and jeans) and patrolled for a little bit, but since I didn’t see anyone out and about I just decided to come home and watch some bad movies on TV. That happens every so often though, if I were putting away criminals every night of the week soon enough the city would be empty, they’d all be in jail.

So all is quiet on the Capitol City front. Good for the common man. Probably just as good for supervillans. I’m going to go hang out on the balcony before the sun sets.