Shhh… gonna be a quick post.  I’ve been hiding in the Diablo’s warehouse HQ for a few hours now.  Wish I could become invisible, but I can’t.  I’m in a mostly-dark corner of the room by the ceiling, so hopefully none of the dorks down there can see me.

Anyway, sounds like a meeting going on down there.  I see that guy with the big awesome demon mask on talking to a few guys in suits.  Demon mask probably still has my dry cleaning ticket…  There’s also a handful of the lame henchmen Diablos are roaming around too, maybe on patrol of the room, but I think more likely they’re cleaning.  Probably KP duty for not beating up She-Troll and letting me escape.  Screw ’em.

I don’t have super-hearing, so I can’t hear everything they’re talking about.  A few comments wafting up my way though, like “big plans for the city” and “they won’t recover from this one.”

I’m also anxiously looking for my dry cleaning ticket.  That’s the biggest reason I’m in here.  Need that damn suit for an interview tomorrow.  Have to get a job so I can actually have a life beyond pretending to be a good superhero.

And here they go, leaving the room.  Meeting must be all done.  Something something about “meet later with the boss.”  Boss?  I thought demon-mask was the boss.  I’ll check in again when I know more.