So it’s dark out, probably 9:30 PM.  Not horribly late, but late enough for the sun to have already set.  Clear night too, I can see plenty of stars even through the lights of the city.

I’m perched across from the Diablos’ headquarters again.  This time, I’ve got my force field up, in case She-Troll is around.  She got zapped decently earlier today though, so I doubt she’s around tonight.  Just me and the Diablos.  And my dry cleaning ticket.  I need that ticket to pick up my suit for the interview tomorrow.  I’d also like to get a decent night’s sleep for the interview.  Crime can wait eight hours with yours truly snoozes.

This HQ is a little beat up.  Probably all the superheroes that have tried to put Diablos out of business.  I’ve heard that The Spectral Admiral used to battle them.  Probably Lady Electricity as well, she fought all kinds of evil back in her prime.  Wonder if they’re the ones that caused her to “disappear” too.  Would be nice to figure out that mystery someday.  Especially to make sure it didn’t happen to me.

Anyway, easy enough to fly on over to the gaping hole in the second story that could be called a window.  I don’t see anyone inside, so I’m pretty sure this part of the building is abandoned now.  I might as well sneak in I guess… since I’ve got my force field up around me, I shouldn’t have to worry about anyone bashing me with a 2×4 or random bullets whizzing by.  So I guess I might as well go in and see what’s going on.