Hello citizens and believers! Welcome to my super-blog!

As you undoubtedly know from my fame and dashing good looks, I’m Superblog, defender of freedom and justice. Welcome again to my blog!

I recently decided that small town Pennsylvania simply had too little evil for someone of my super-powers. So I packed up the 1987 powder blue super-Corsica with as much belongings as I could muster to make the drive to famous Capitol City.

Capitol City is a pit of dispair and violence. I’m sure I’ll find plenty of evil to combat here. Of course, I have to find my bearings in the city first. I can’t even find where i parked the super-Corsica at the moment. I wish I had super-radar like Radar Man back home right now, I really could use some groceries. But I guess I need a job first too. I’m going to go wander around town looking for evil!