My second day in Capitol City was much more interesting than the first! Then again, compared to a Sunday the day after you move somewhere and don’t know anyone, that’s not much of a surprise.

Anyway, to start out my wonderful day, I woke up late. Gotta hate Daylight Savings Time. I just can’t understand why people take the liberty to move everyone’s clock back and forth just because they want another hour of daylight in their life. Those people should just wake up an hour earlier in my mind! Those of us who fight super-evil usually work late into the night, we’re not really what you’d call morning people. I’m sure more super-villans are morning people than superheroes. And anyone who emails me saying “the early bird catches the worm” can just go set their clocks ahead yet another hour… But I digress (and vent), mostly because I didn’t get enough sleep last night and am probably cranky.

So I got out of bed — late — and did a little unpacking. Jumped in the shower and I’m out of soap and shampoo. Don’t try to do superheroing when you’re stinky, it just doesn’t work out. Unless your super-power is some kind of stench or gross smell stuff, I guess then it’s ok. Not mine though, I prefer to smell like some good old fashioned soap and maybe coconut shampoo when I’m fighting evil. So being out of those things — and very nearly out of toilet paper as well — today looked like it was going to be errands day!

The cable guy was supposed to show up today too. The building super said he’d let him in (not super-hero, he’s just the building super, and I think sometimes he can have super-stench as a power from the looks of him), so I didn’t need to stick around. Actually that’s sort of a pain being around when stuff like that is getting done, so I didn’t mind taking off for the day.

Since I figured out where City Hall was yesterday, seemed like a good place to start my busy day of errands. I talked to the lady at the information booth, and she called up to the Department of City Services for me. What a nice generic name for a department. Maybe they can rename it “”Department of Things”” to make it a little more specific. Anyway, that’s the city department that handles superheroes and villains. I guess there’s more than a handful of both in Capitol City, so they need someone in City Hall to oversee what’s going on and keep the Mayor on his toes.

I didn’t get to talk to the Director of City Services, I got to talk to the Assistant Director. Or maybe that was the receptionist. I don’t’ really know how many people work there. But I did get an appointment to talk to the Director and the Commissioner of Police later on this week. They want to see what I can do, so if there’s any kind of emergency I can help out with, they’ll know to give me a call.

There’s also a couple cool things going on with Capitol City and superheroes. There’s some kind of city-sponsored social group that meets once a month on the first Friday of the month. Lucky me, that was the day BEFORE I moved to down. I’ll have to wait a whole month before I get to meet other superheroes I guess. Well, I’ll probably run across some on the street or whatever.

Well, heading home I decided to take a side street home, and WHOO HOO… CRIME! Now don’t get all upset that I take glee in finding someone getting mugged. At least I was there to help out, and she wasn’t really hurt. The mugger pushed her to the ground and broke her purse strap. Other than that, she was fine. But I got to run in and give him a super-smack, knocked him down.

It was a good thing I went to City Hall today too. Another thing I found out was the city has a couple laws protecting superheroes in action. You just have to call a phone number after you finish up, and this special division of the police will show up super-quick and cart the bad guys off to jail. Now, after dragging guys like Dr. Freeze Ray and the like off to jail, I’m sure they were disappointed in seeing just a plain mugger. But hey, it’s a start.

So here I am back in my apartment, done for the day. For some reason the cable still isn’t working, I’m sure it’s an evil plot against humanity.