Last night was a mediocre night for superheroing. Really just stopped a mugging. I’m sure the people I saved were happy and all, but the muggers didn’t have any superpowers at all. Still, they were evil, so they needed to be defeated.

I was running around — I’m starting to get used to the neighborhood around my place at least. I found one dark area between my place and the Warehouse District, which I’ve been circling over and over. Bad guys love the dark. Not even regular bad guys, but super bad guys too. So I was hoping to get lucky.

Right when I was about to leavethis dark area into some place with a lot of light, I could notice some people talking. Not that this is against the law or anything in this great country of ours, but I thought it was strange the way they were standing and looking and talking, right in a mostly-dark area. In fact, they’re lucky I could see them, I don’t have any super-sight vision powers or the like.

From what I could tell, three guys jumped a guy and a girl. They were trying to get her purse and emand his wallet. So I went in to check things out. I’m not rude like some of those cheesy superheroes, so I didn’t do something like fly right inbetween the two of them. Just casually started to walk on by. It was dark there anyway, so they wouldn’t have seen me anyway.

When I was walking by, one of the guys quickly hid something behind his back. I guess I’m not that inconspicuous in my bright red shirt and mask, but at least I had the sneakers on for when he went to run. They must have known I was a superhero (or else some crazy built guy running around in tights), because they tried for a quick getaway. That’s the kind of bad guy I love to fight. Terrified, no superpowers, and on the run. Well, a brawl with a supervillan is always fun too, but if I’m setting a quota of evil to disrupt in a week, an easy target always helps.

Anyway, the two bad guys turned to run, and the lady screamed “”get them!”” That’s always a good sign. So I lept into action and started running after them. Silly criminals, thinking they could outrun a superhero? I might not be as fast as some, but I can beat a mugger anyway. It was an easy BAM running right into them and I knocked them down to the ground. I didn’t even have to beat them up. They just kind of gave up there.

So then I found an old discarded tire and shoved it over both of them. Now that I think of it, I’m sure something like that hurts, but I wanted to incapacitate them while the police arrived. The guy and gal whom they were trying to mug said they’d be sure to watch over them while the police showed up, they wanted to make sure they’d cart them off to jail. Then I gave them my email address for the future, and asked them to drop me a line if there was any trouble.

All in the day of fighting crime and doing good!