I’m back in town, so all you bad guys beware! I went to visit some friends out of town for the weekend, but they don’t know that I’m also Superblog, so couldn’t really do much superheroing. Anyway, I didn’t know the city I was visiting well at all, so I wouldn’t have been very effective. Just drank it up with them and looked around, didn’t even see bad guys. Their loss!

So now I’m back in Capitol City. Actually got in late last night. Flight was delayed, geez I wish I could fly, that would have made the trip so much easier instead of having to go to the airport and then take the subway home. Or if I was in town long enough to have friends to pick me up at the airport as well. Either way, it was a pain, I got back pretty late last night and just went to bed. Sorry if anyone logged in to see if I had anything new.

Anyway, I figured the best thing to do on my first day back in a while was to check in with City Hall. So I ran over to check out that Department of City Services administrator that asked me to come back when I visited last time. I called ahead to make sure he would be there this time, and made an appointment for 11.00. Plenty of time to super-shower and get ready, my so-called “costume” (just an old tshirt and old Halloween mask) were easy to get together. So I got all gathered up and ran over to City Hall.

The administrator was decent… His name is Mr. O’Connell, and said that the city often uses superheroes to do tasks that the police or other departments can’t handle. I’m afraid to hear what the “”other”” department tasks are, probably cleaning up super-fast after a big parade or something fun like that. But he said that since I was new to the city and didn’t know my way around too much, he’d help me get acclimated and all, before he let me out on my own to help out across the city. I took that as good news, always nice to have a helping hand.

So Mr. O’Connell mentioned that he was talking to the Chief of Police, and they said that there was a rumor going around that one of the city gangs was going to attempt to plant a bomb in a local office building in protest to the city crack-down on drug sales. Mr. O’Connell asked me if I’d go over and check things out before the gang could do anything, see if I could prevent things in any way. Sounded pretty simple, he said that if there was any danger or if I felt like I was out of my league, to call in the police easy. He said most superheroes did that on their first mission, so they’d already be ready and waiting for me to call.

I managed to find the office building Mr. O’Connell told me about, he even gave me a map to get there. It definitely wasn’t anything to be impressed with inside, sort of dirty and dark, I wonder who in their right mind would want to work in a place like this. But I was there to stop a bomb threat, not give interior design lessons, so I cautiously started checking out the building.

Well, talking about being lucky, it was pretty much the easiest mission I could have been given on my first try. I decided to take the stairs instead of the elevator, because who knows, maybe the bad guys would see someone coming up. I figured the stairs would give me a bigger chance of surprise.

Duh, I turned the corner heading up to the 3rd floor, and wouldn’t you know it, the bomber was right there setting up his equipment! And he was there alone even! One quick slam to the head and he was down for the count. All the gang’s bomb equipment and their bomber captured in one quick move. I couldn’t have been prouder of myself for what I did, it was nice and easy.

I called the police and Mr. O’Connell after I took care of the situation, and they sent over a van to take the bomb parts and bomber off to jail. Mr. O’Connell was so happy with my events that he said he was going to issue a press release mentioning me by super-name! I’ll find out later on when the news comes on if I’m famous already though.