OK, I just rolled out of bed and am about to jump in the shower, so not much new to report after yesterday’s bombing adventure. I came home, watched Game of Thrones on TV (one of my favorite shows, I hope they do a series on superheroes soon!), read a book and went to bed.

Today I have two goals. First, going to try to go back down to City Hall and talk to Mr. O’Connell. Maybe have him introduce me to some other superheroes, or maybe see what other problems the city has that I can help out with.

The other project for the day is to look for a job. Now you non-superheroes may think that we just sit back and fight crime for a living, but I have bills to pay too! Superheroing is a cool job and I wouldn’t give it up for the world, but my alter-ego likes to do stuff too! When I’m not running around the streets in my very inexpensive costume (I’d also like to see someone like Kenneth Cole or Calvin Klein come out with a line for the superheroes!), I do normal stuff too!

But remember, I just moved to town. Have a nice apartment and all, good location, but living off my savings isn’t going to last forever! So gotta find a job for the alter-ego. If anyone has any ideas, let me know!