I guess you can always measure your success by the people taking notice with your work. If that’s the case, I should feel pretty good at the people who are pissed off at me right now. That’s right, I’ve succeeded in making enemies already! Barely a week in town and I’m a wanted man!

That bomb threat I stumbled upon yesterday and thwarted was apparently a bigger deal than anyone thought. I chatted with a cop on the street today, and he said that the gang — the Diablos, I was told they like to be called — has been edging into the international weapons black market, funding their first steps into there with drug sales in Capitol City.

Go figure, I never realized you could set up such a weird international organization like that based on some efforts in one city. Sure, the Diablos have associated gangs in other cities, but they’re almost only here. I’ll have to watch my back, making powerful enemies this early in my superhero career isn’t quite on my list of smartest things in the world to do.

Anyway, it’s some bad news, and I stumbled onto their “enemies list” by my events yesterday. The cop told me they think the ultimate plan for the gang was to actually set off the bomb (they’re still not sure if the Diablos would have told people about the bomb in the building before they set it off or not). The explosion was supposed to be a sign to some potential future clients that they had the resources and were ruthless enough to buy weapons and the like from them.

Neither Mr. O’Connell or the cops knew the extent of the Diablo’s plans yesterday, I’m sure if they did they would have sent in someone a little more professional or used to the Diablo tactics than someone who just walked into town recently. But thankfully everything worked out well there, since they were so hush-hush on the project the word on the street was a lot lighter than it would have normally been for a big important project like that.

So that was most of yesterday, just chatting with people, finding stuff like that out. Mostly boring, but sometimes you have to do administrative stuff to be successful. and Mr. O’Connell is a nice enough guy, yeah he’s a bureaucrat and acts like one, but I get the feeling he’s one of the good guys, trying to make a difference as well. He just likes paperwork as well I guess.

Today I got to see the effects of my thwarting the bombing attempt. Boy are the Diablos upset with me. I feel like every corner I turned, there was another group ready to jump me. Then again, practice makes perfect. And I’m getting plenty of practice beating up Diablos. I lost count after a dozen, they really don’t have a chance. I mean, I’m not invulnerable or anything, but I’ve had plenty of practice in a scrap. A group of three or four with knives and bats — no super powers — I can handle that. On a bad day they might be able to take me down, but most of the time I’ll still be standing at the end at least.

That was the case today. I was the one left standing. Those 4 or 5 groups of Diablos were the ones on the ground. Let’s hope that it remains that way, or they give up going after me, I mean that bomb threat was a few days ago, right?