OK, Diablos… Time to get serious. I’m getting pretty tired of your picking on me, so let’s just make it official. I’m out for you, and I hope you get this message.

For the rest of you who didn’t see it pretty much everywhere, last night the Diablos spray-painted some not-too-kind things about me all over the city. There were fliers all over downtown too. That, coupled with the TV broadcast from a few days ago, doesn’t make me a very happy blog.

Then again, I guess that’s good for the city. First, the Diablos are so stupid to go after someone as green as me in the city when there’s more powerful superheroes around. Second, if they’re putting all this attention into making me look stupid, well that’s less time they have to do bad things to the residents of Capitol City.

So I’m home for a little lunch right now. Been on the streets all morning looking for Diablos and some information as to why they have the hots for me right now. I mean, c’mon… the bomb threat was a big deal and probably lost them some clout with that international terrorist group, but hey, things mess up all the time, it can’t have been that big a deal as it’s ending up being. And if the Diablos want to make a scene in the city and get attention, there are much better ways than to go after someone who just moved here and really only knows one person here!

I found one group of Diablos over by the metro and of course they jumped me. Something about telling their boss they found me and they knew where to go. Whatever, I took them down fast enough, they won’t be telling anyone where I’m at from inside a jail cell.

So I’ll hit the streets after a little lunch, unless I’m feeling either lazy or the need to find a job. I’ve submitted a few resumes and the like. I’m sure you can tell from the blog that I do web site stuff, not really a surprise. So that’s along the lines of what I’m looking for, maybe freelance stuff. If anyone has a project, feel free to email me!