I must have spent the past 24 hours searching all over for She-Troll.  I flew over the park she blasted me with that laser beam gun thing at least a dozen times, and even went back to the sniper point she first saw me.

Of course I get a call for a job interview now, when I can’t pick up my suit.  Interview is tomorrow at some blah-blah office job that no one ever thinks is a great place to make a career, but the pay is decent and skills needed are minimal.  But anyway, it pays and now I need to get my suit before I go in.

Blasted She-Troll.

Anyway, my good ol’ antagonists were back at their old tricks.  Diablos were making noise down in the Warehouse district.  Police communications were lit up over their shenanigans.  Graffiti, harassing senior citizens, kicking puppies.  Normal low-priority, high-volume stupid stuff they normally do.  Mostly just being jerks to everyone they see than causing chaos.  Which makes sense, they ARE jerks.

So down to the Warehouse district I went.  Have I mentioned that I love having the ability to fly?  Makes up for what happened next, kinda.  The woosh of wind through your hair while you’re propelled in the air toward your destination.  Geez, even turning is fun… I swear, flying is the best thing ever.

So Diablos aren’t much for subtlety.  Just zipping down the main strip in the Warehouse district, they’re obviously just causing problems to everyone they can see right there.  *POW* and I dive-bombed right into the first group of three.  They were trying to steal some old lady’s purse.  I may or may not have broken any of their bones, but really I don’t care that much.  I just popped a force field around both myself and the old lady before landing my punch.  Only Diablos were injured here.  I wonder if they have group insurance or something.

With the initial first group out of the way, it was easy to see a lot of other little gatherings of Diablos all over the place.  Part of me suspected they were just trying to convince some super-person to come at them, they were just all right up there in public and easy to find.  But obviously the first group was just bait.

*CLANG* when I tried dive-bombing the second time.  I’m sure if my force field was visible, it would have shattered all over the place.  Looked like the Diablos had their own force field in place somehow.  Stronger than mine, since theirs didn’t shatter when I careened into them.  That’s a sign of trouble, actually.  My force-bubbles wouldn’t be able to get through to them.  What was I supposed to do, entertain them by flying around?

“HAIIIIIIIIII-YAAAA!” a voice behind me screamed as it approached with a sonic boom toward the force field.  It wasn’t quite a “splat” noise when she landed, but there was She-Troll plopping herself on the force field.  She was impressive too, stuck to the side instead of sliding down like I did.  She must have some sticky boots or anti-grav or something.

She pulled out a dagger that sparked with electricity as She-Troll held it in the air for a fraction of a second.  *BLAM* she thrust it into the Diablo’s force field and the whole thing exploded in a ball of electricity.

That was my sign.  I popped another force field up on myself and launched toward the center of the activity.  Whatever the Diablos had creating the field must be around there somewhere.

I saw She-Troll plunging toward the ground, having been tossed in the air after slashing the field, like she was a rag doll.  Obviously unconscious.

“Oh, shit,” I thought.  Couldn’t let her die, even though She-Troll is now my personal arch-nemesis.  I guess that would make my life boring or something.  So I turned almost 180 and summoned a light force field to cushion her fall.  Thinking back, maybe I should have just done a full strength one and let her BAM into it, maybe giving her a black eye.  But I’m a good guy, I couldn’t be that mean.  It was light and fluffy, like a cloud.  She-Troll was cushioned comfortably as she landed on the ground.  No injuries at all from the fall.

That was all they needed though.  Diablos clocked me on the back of the head — stupid them, I had my force field up.  Still, the impact kind of dazed me for a second.

She-Troll somehow bounced off the force cushion and landed on top of the Diablo with the biggest mask on.  It had horns and fire coming out of the mouth and eyes.  Like, really spooky impressive awesome mask.  He was probably the ringleader, since everyone else had crappy cowboy masks on.  Not this guy, he just looked bad-ass.

I’m still not sure if she planned it or was just extremely lucky.  She-Troll landed right on top of the supposed leader of the Diablos.  Like, right on his shoulders, ready to smack the bejeezus out of him.

*SIZZZZZZZZLE!!!* and the leader let off something like an impulse bomb or shock wave or something weird like that.  Enough to have She-Troll launch a few feet in the air and land roughly on the ground.  At least she got a little roughed up from the encounter, and I could sleep knowing it wasn’t my fault.  Oh, I probably could have done another force cushion… but…

So here I am looking at the whole thing like a goofball.  The Diablo leader reaches into She-Troll’s utility belt and pulls out a wad of something.  Money?  Lottery tickets?


And like an idiot, I’m standing there screaming at all the Diablos as they flicker in some kind of teleportation device to escape.

FML.  I’m going to smack She-Troll into next month.