So I’ve been following these Diablos around town to see if I can figure out where they’re meeting, who’s in charge, anything. Pretty strange they decided to come down on the new guy so hard. I mean, I barely even flew around town on patrol, much less anything interesting. Been spending more time trying to settle in than superheroing. So something here doesn’t add up.

Anyway right now I’m perched on the edge of the roof on this dingy old brick apartment building looking into a warehouse I think I saw two of the gang members go into. At least I’m guessing they were Diablo members. They had a skull on their jacket back, which I think is their symbol. And I was honestly not really paying attention too much, so I could possibly have the wrong building even. Heck they could have gone out another door too.

Maybe I should “stretch my legs” and fly a loop around the city. Help me learn my way around. Maybe even see places that are hiring for my real persona too. Super-heroing doesn’t pay well, someone needs to cover the rent.

HOLY SHIT… Someone just shot at me. Bullet hit the wall behind me. I should stop blogging and get under cover. More later. Unless I’m dead.